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Meezer offers a compact and advanced vehicle monitor called ScanGauge II which is an add-on computer with multifunction which can help owners monitor the vehicle's systems and gives real-time information about the system. This is plugged in to the vehicles On-Board Diagnostics or OBD but only works with OBD-II. Which means, it can only be used with vehicles manufactured from year 1996 up to the present.

Once the device is attached to the OBD-II connector, it will display standard items about the engine system such as speed, gas mileage, throttle and engine revolution per minute, to name a few.

Three main functions:

* OBD-II scanner

* Trip computer

* Real-time gauges

OBD-II Scanner

With the help of ScanGauge II, vehicle owners can scan for Diagnostic Trouble Codes, tell how many are there and identify each trouble codes. These trouble codes can be checked using the repair manual of the vehicles or even through the internet. This device can also clear the trouble codes so the warning lamp turns off, but the trouble codes can be recalled for troubleshooting. Pending trouble codes can also be read and clear out by this device. It will also show if the vehicle is ready for emission testing.

Automatic Trip Computer

The Trip Computer tracks the fuel cost and distance traveled by the vehicle. The trip modes help vehicle owners to save fuel. The built-in trip computer displays information regarding the vehicles Current Trip, which after the car's engine is turned off for 3 minutes. Current trip gives information about the trip MPG, fuel used, and the maximum coolant temperature.

Today's Trip is also displayed which is starts over after the vehicle has not traveled for 9 hours. This shows the distance, elapsed time of the trip and the maximum revolution per minute. The Previous Trip on the other hand gives the maximum and average speed information and the fuel cost.

Viewing the Tank Trip information gives the trip MPG, distance, elapsed time, fuel used, average speed and fuel cost. The Tank Trip is reset every time a tank is filled. This also gives the information as to how many remaining fuel the vehicle has, the time and distance remaining before it empties.

Built-In Digital Gauges

Four digital gauges can be displayed at the same time and is up-dated real time as the vehicle travels. The digital gauge display information such as Miles per Gallon, Miles per Hour, Revolutions per Minute, Water or Coolant Temperature, Trip Fuel Cost, Horsepower, and other information about the vehicle. The ScanGauge II also has X-Gauge™ which is a programmable gauge system so it can be customized.

Performance Monitor

The ScanGauge II has the Performance Monitor™ that provides the vehicles real-time performance. If a vehicle owner would like to track his or her car's performance in a short period of time, acceleration and distance. It checks the time from point A to B, the speed and the distance.

At Meezer, customers can save up to 20% off with this product. From $199, it is now sold for only $159.95. This can be bought through Meezer's website using most credit cards or by paying through PayPal. Once ordered, it is usually shipped on the same, business day. ScanGauge II is one of the many products Meezer has to offer to vehicle owners who want to do more with their car.

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ScanGauge II

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ScanGauge II

This article was published on 2012/02/10