Trip Out At The Dandenong Ranges

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An out of town trip away from the madness of the city is always a good idea in any nature lovers book. A little time with nature can rejuvenate immensely. It's good to get a mix of mountain ranges and sea sides, grassland fields and lakes, and of exotic locations all throughout a lifetime. A beautiful mountain escape that's under an hour away from Melbourne is the Dandenong Ranges that offers a refreshing escape.Explore a range of lush botanic gardens, fern gullies, towering forests, and waterfalls. You can find quirky trinkets, furniture and glass-work at one of the many eclectic village settlements there. It's also a great opportunity for a scenic road trip. The mountains and hills offer plenty of winding roads and trails for you to navigate.

The Dandenong Ranges National Park offers plenty of spots for a great picnic else you can trail off on your own to find your perfect sunrise/sunset spot. There is plenty of ground to cover at the Dandenong Ranges so if you can stay the weekend, go for it! It's convenient for busy folks as it isn't too far from the city. Engulf your senses into a totally different world. There is even a steam engine train called Puffing Billy that meanders around the mountains like it was 1920. It's stretch is about 50 kilometres. It is great fun for adults and kids alike.

Accommodation is not a problem as there are a handful of village settlements around the Dandenong Ranges. There are bed and breakfasts, cottages, as well as more contemporary set-ups. There are evenguest housesthat date back over a century when the Dandenong Ranges was in its hayday. It is just as beautiful and well maintained today. It doesn't matter what time of year you go, it will be a spectacle to behold. Spring blooms with colour and beautiful flowers whilst winter's snows kiss the treetops. Whether you plan a family trip, a trip with friends a special someone, or even a solo trip, there is plenty to do and plenty to see. If you like, you can even pack a tent and camp out, just get permission where needed.

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Weekend trips with a cozy place to stay.The Dandenong Ranges offer a beautiful escape from the bustling city visit

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Trip Out At The Dandenong Ranges

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This article was published on 2011/01/01