What To Expect From A River Rafting Trip

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What to Expect From a River Rafting Trip

Going on a river rafting trip is quite an unforgettable adventure. Visit here http://mainewhitewater-rafting.blogspot.com

But unless you are used to boating regularly, you may not realize what to expect from your rafting trip. If you have never gone white water rafting before, then you are best booking a trip in advance with a center that can supply everything you need - including instruction. You also need to talk to your doctor to see if you are healthy enough for a white water river rafting trip.


Make sure you will be wearing clothing that has already been pre-shrunk in the wash, because it is going to get a soaking. Jeans and a tee-shirt are usually fine. You don't have to worry about fashion or color coordinating, because most everything will be covered up by safety equipment. They will be neon colored or brightly colored so that you will be easier to spot if you fall into the water. Don't wear anything that you can't afford to be ruined.

Swimming Experience

It is highly recommended that anyone going on a river rafting trip know how to swim. Even if you opt for the easier courses or decide to go canoeing instead of rafting, you need to learn how to swim. Yes, you will have a life vest on you, but that does not guarantee to protect you once you are in the water. Besides, you never know if a situation may occur where your vest is ripped off you or it somehow fails.


Before you go on a river rafting trip, be sure to ask whether you are responsible for bringing food and water-resistant containers for them. Many package tours of white water river rafting trips include food. But you need to be sure of this in advance. It is a very good idea to keep high energy snacks like peanuts and dried fruit in your car for immediate snacking on the way home, because you will be exhausted.

Bathroom Breaks

This won't be a problem for men so much as for women. If you do not have any experience camping, then you plan a short river rafting trip of only a few hours in length. Otherwise, you many have to answer the call of nature squatting among some bushes. The squatting position becomes comfortable over time, but it is good to know if you are able to rise from a squat by yourself before planning a long river rafting trip.Visit here http://mainewhitewater-rafting.blogspot.com

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What To Expect From A River Rafting Trip

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This article was published on 2010/03/26